Here is how you spot hyperactivity in children

  • Hyperactive kids have difficulty in listening to or following directions.
  • They cannot sit back in their seats and move around a lot.
  • They talk too much or interrupt other people’s conversations.
  • Hyperactive kids fail to follow instructions or do a step-by-step routine.
  • They are impulsive, over-enthusiastic and bouncing with energy.
  • They can easily become worried, frustrated, angry and sad.


Here are some tricks and tips on how to handle a Hyperactive Child

  • Channelizing energy
  • Understand their feelings
  • Talking in a simple manner
  • Pair child with his / her friends
  • Use a stress ball
  • Minimize distractions
  • Identify strengths and weakness
  • Avoid fatigue
  • Give second chances
  • Encourage attention to detail


Games and activities for the kids to keep them motivated

  • Karate / Martial arts
  • Learning music
  • Doing theatre to enhance creativity
  • Swimming
  • Brain tickling games

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