Creative play is a vital part of childhood and child development. Through creative play, children can grow Emotionally, Socially, Intellectually and even Physically. Creative experiences help a child develop these skills and enable them to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.


Some of the benefits and skills a child will gain through Creative Play include:

  1. Intellectual Benefits- develop basic Math skills such as Measuring, Sorting etc.
  2. Physical Benefits- develop fine motor skills such as Painting, drawing, cutting and pasting.
  3. Emotional and Social Benefits- provide a positive outlet for children and help them to express their emotions also a safe and positive way for children to socialise with others.

Vegetable Prints

Material: Okra, Carrots, Potatoes, Onions etc.

Method: Cut the vegetables and dip in postal colours to make great designs. Children can also trace out a simple picture and ask the child to stamp and fill it.



Toddlers love everything that’s colourful and playful, and there’s nothing better than getting him engaged in a playful puppet act. Make paper-bag puppets and create a story that a child and his friends can enact. A child can also create some simple paper puppets himself to help him explore his artsy side.


Playdough Modelling

Playdough is a highly fun and creative activity to play with children.

Playdough activities are simple. Just provide some play dough to the child, and let him play. Soon the child will be seen making shapes of increasing complexity, it stimulates the brain and makes the child think hard. You can also add poke-ins, playdough mats or tell the child to make various letters if you want it to be more Educational.

Making Masks

Making masks can help kids truly think out of the box and use their imagination to great results.

Using a paper plate, scissors, construction plate and some glue, help the child to make the rough shape of the face and make a mask. The colouring can be done using crayons or watercolours.


Marble Painting

Marble paintings are fun to do and great to look at. Mix various colours with water and provide some paper and marbles to the child. The marbles are to be dipped in various colours and rolled over the paper so that patterns and shapes are formed. This activity can also be done using balls or water balloons.

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