There are lots of adventures you can have with your kids, even when the weather is bad.

Rainy weather will let the child experience the world in new ways from every one of our senses and discover a whole list of things we can only find in stormy weather, like rainbows and lightning, umbrellas and puddles. List of activities to help kids explore all the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and yes, even some rainy–day–specific foods to taste!

Activities and games on a rainy day can keep children learning and laughing. Here are five ideas pre-schoolers are sure to enjoy when they have to stay inside.


Frog Jump

Learning about frogs on a rainy day can bring a little action and some creativity into the classroom. Children will enjoy this frog jumping activity that strengthens their gross motor skills, introduces math concepts, as well as, builds their imagination. To begin, lay a piece of tape on the floor marking the point of the starting jump. As children line up and jump as far as they can like a frog, place pieces of tape where they land.



Kids love to get their hands dirty while learning through sensory play. A great way for children to engage in education on a rainy day is to create an edible sandbox. Provide a plastic scoop, cup, and bowl, and watch children explore with all their senses. Toddlers can dig for treasures, practice scooping, and work on their pouring skills. Learning through sight, touch and taste will make this activity popular with little learners.



Block City

Head over to the block area to help toddlers construct a block city. Making the town up of blocks of all different styles, colours, and sizes, children can line up, stack, sort and organize their block buildings into a city. Encourage important community buildings such as a school, library, police station, and fire station.


Sponge Painting

Supporting creativity and strengthening fine motor skills, arts and crafts provide a number of enjoyable activities on a rainy day. For colourful sponge paintings, gather a variety of paint colours, a number of sponges, and some art paper. Toddlers can squirt, dip, and spray their sponges full of colours and press them onto the paper, creating sponge paintings. After they have made their sponge painting designs, display them around the classroom to brighten up the rainy day.


Art Projects

Art projects featuring rainy-day icons like umbrellas, rainbows and clouds. Try Different techniques to implement and would keep the kids happily creating for a while.


Fruit Rainbow

A snack like this fruit rainbow is a great way to bring some colourful cheer to a cloudy day.


Paint Rocks

An easy activity is to collect rocks from outside and paint them. You can use acrylic or washable paint. We can also add googly eyes.

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